The Sicilian Hospitality

“Bisogna essere intelligenti per venire a Ibla, una certa qualità d’animo, il gusto dei tufi silenziosi e ardenti, i vicoli ciechi, le giravolte inutili, le persiane sigillate su uno sguardo nero che spia: ma anche si pretende la passione per le macchinazioni architettoniche, dove la foga delle forme in volo nasconde fino all’ultimo il colpo di scena della prospettiva bugiarda”(Gesualdo Bufalino, La Luce e il Lutto)

Ragusa rises up on the last strips of the Hyblaean Mountains. Sicani, Greek colonists, Arabs and Normans colonized this piece of land. Here, the unruffled tablelands and the deep quarries, the dry stone walls and the manor farms draw geometries in the countryside spotted by carob trees and hay bales.
Ragusa Ibla, the old quarter,was totally reconstructed after the devasting earthquake occurred in 1693 becoming an authentic Sicilian Baroque jewel.
Within the narrow alleys of this charming Baroque town, it is impossible not to bump into the gorgeous late baroque buildings and in its uncountable churches.

Ibla boasts 14 world heritage sites and captures the visitor’s attention through its holy window frame, its upward churches, its majestic balconies enriched by grotesque masks.
In a twist of realism and allegory, several shots have been realized in Ragusa Ibla. Impossible to forget ‘The Inspector Montalbano’, the very popular TV series based on the detective novels of Andrea Camilleri.
Many people experience a wonderful sense, when walking around Ragusa Ibla. This is the real Sicily.


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Sabbinirica di Puglisi Tiziana
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