Rises up in the San Giovanni neighborhood, on the shoulders of the Arches Square and close to the Clock Tower, in one of the most important Baroque complex of the city.

The old building dates back to the 18th century even if most likely the basements predate the earthquake of the 1693. The structure consists of six comfortable and charming rooms arranged on three levels and also includes an unique holiday house. Several common areas are available to our customers to relax reading something or just enjoying, from the balcony, the marvelous view of the Santa Domenica wide valley.

The building has been patiently and wisely restored respecting the local materials (especially the calcareous stone and the pitch stone) and the original architecture (the arches, the vaults, the cross vaults, the narrow staircases).

The care and the dedication used in the refurbishment works make Sabbinirica a magic place to stay where you can have a peaceful vacation in an historical and beautiful location.
Inside, an handcraft shop which will propose local products

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Sabbinirica di Puglisi Tiziana
Via Ioppolo, 46 - 97100 Ragusa Ibla
R. O. Via Monsignor Iacono, 49 - 97100 Ragusa
VAT n. 01477300881 | C.F: PGLTZN74P49H163H